About the author:

My name is Alex. I go by "Alex Fantastico", but of course that is not my real last name! I'm in my mid-twenties, living in Australia. I have loved drawing since I was very young, and I have boxes and boxes full of sketches from my youth still lying around. I studied Graphic Design for a year, and especially loved the Illustration portion of the course. I started creating the Cosmic Cascade comic while I was still studying. The idea had been bubbling away in my mind for a long time, but I finally felt I had the skill to do something with it! Cosmic Cascade is just a passion right now, but my goal is to make it successful, and to make a modest living from it. 


Inspirations for Cosmic Cascade:

Perhaps obviously, inspirations for Cosmic Cascade include the Japanese franchises Pokémon and Digimon. Manga and Anime franchises Dragon Ball and Naruto are also a big influence, which may become more obvious later in the comic's story. However, there is also a more subtle influence which might not be as obvious, but is perhaps most important to Cosmic Cascade. Growing up, I enjoyed the video game Sim Earth. Although it was a bit crude, it allowed you to create a whole world. You could influence things, or you could simply watch as the world unfolded on its own. The game allowed you to watch the unfolding of your world from its very beginning to its final destruction. That idea has stuck with me. I also used to keep bugs and plants in a terrarium. It was sealed, so that only light could get in and out (at least, in thoery). That way, water evaporated, condensed on the cieling, and fell down again like rain. It was an enclosed little world, and I loved to watch things unfold inside. And that is why Cosmic Cascade's story begins at the very start of the world. We, the viewers, get to watch an entire history unfold from the very beginning.